meinsoapshopAtlanta Mission’s My Sister’s House program was my first job as a Counselor in 2006. I loved working for the Mission due to its faith based calling. This job allowed my Christian faith to grow as I was called on to pray, mentor, and design spiritual based activities. I left the Mission 2 years later for an opportunity to counsel Spanish speakers. Since then, I have counseled hundreds of Spanish speaking clients. I am so blessed to have worked at Atlanta Mission. My job at the Mission helped ground my practice as a Therapist and remember to serve others with a Christian attitude.  I took a soap making class  in 2007 and learned how to create soap using traditional methods. I took a hiatus from soap making for many years and rediscovered my passion last year in 2013. Soap making is therapeutic for me as a Therapist in private practice and complements organic gardening which is my other passion.  In 2014 I launched a Rocket hub campaign which allowed me to expand my hobby into a commercial activity. I also was able to gift more than 40 bars of soap to the Atlanta Mission. After running the Atlanta Mission’s 5k in January of this year my heart and faith lead me to donate 10 percent of all my etsy shop sales to Atlanta Mission.




Check out my soap at:




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