My sister’s favorite soap

This is my sister Nicole’s favorite  soap:




Creating Beeswax candles unscented

This post highlights my second attempt at making beeswax candles. My first beeswax diy candle was scented with vetiver essential oil. I decided to not add any essential oil after reading that the fire changes the chemical components of the oil.  Beeswax has a light clean honey scent. I was totally sold on these candles when I read that they help  clean the air in your home of dust and allergens. That’s what I am talking about! Here’s a look at my candle:



Works in Plastalina


I was inspired by a pottery store in North Carolina after a recent visit. I went to Binder’s art store in Atlanta to source my clay. The art associate recommended that I start working with Plastalina so that I could get a feel for clay and get used to making shapes. I am so glad that I listened to his advice versus buying a 20 pound bag of earthenware clay. Here is an example of one of my first pieces in plastalina pictured above.



Tomorrow is the last day of my Rockethub campaign

I started a Rockethub campaign  two weeks ago that  will allow me to complete an aromatherapy certification at the Heal Center of Atlanta, provide free aromatherapy assessments to HIV+ women at the Atlanta nonprofit  SisterLove, deliver bars of soap and aromatherapy assessments to my  community of supporters, and strengthen my  etsy  shop which provides 10 percent of its profits to Atlanta Mission to benefit homeless women. Rockethub has been sold for 15 million dollars so they are closing all of the current crowdfunding campaigns by 2/25/16. I wish Rockethub great success. I am very appreciative of their platform.



Touring a soap workshop in Marseilles, France

I had the great fortune of touring a soap workshop in the South of France in 2012. It  was a wonderful experience even with my limited understanding of the French language. I truly believe stumbling across this workshop as I walked the streets of Marseilles added more fertilizer to my dream of being a soap maker. I was able to capture beautiful pictures of my experience.  What was even better than finding the workshop was the ability to go back the next day for an official tour. DSC00369DSC00371DSC00376DSC00380DSC00388DSC00400DSC00414DSC00372DSC00370

Take a look. DSC00367DSC00368